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Wisconsin’s ‘Herd Immunity Fest’ Loses A Band And Changes The Event Name After Online Criticism

The other day, a 3 day ‘mini fest’ was announced for July 16th-18th in Ringle,  Wisconsin. When the announcement was originally posted, it was being hailed as the “Covid Herd Immunity Fest”. 

Some of the bands that were set to play this fest were: Static-X, Dope, Nonpoint, Bobaflex, Flaw and others.

However, the event has come under some scrutiny since their announcement. Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One, called out the bands playing saying “A bunch of bands that I consider peers and some friends are partaking in a show called ‘herd immunity fest’, which by that title is basically saying to their fans, come see us and we hope you get sick. What the actual fuck??”

Nonpoint was quick to reply to Spider’s comment stating “Hey brother. Nonpoint is not playing because of the way the festival is named. We have dropped off.”

With the departure of Nonpoint, it appears Adelita’s Way has taken their spot. According to a new flyer posted to the events Facebook page.

Since Spider’s post, the event has now been renamed to ‘3 Day Mini Fest’ and they released a statement saying, “For the record the venues land can accommodate up to 10,000 occupancy. This is an OUTDOOR EVENT for 3 Days. We are only selling 20% of that so anyone has the choice and ability to social distance. The Festival is also not called ‘Herd Immunity’ and the name no longer tied to any of our social media or promotion.”

What do you think? Would you be willing to attend a 3 day outdoor mini fest, with Covid rates on the rise in Marathon County WI, which is the county the festival is located?