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‘Wear A Mask! Wear A Mask!’ A Black Metal PSA

Vance Kotrla, singer for the folk band Sci-Fi Romance, has recently released a brand new PSA about wearing a mask in public. Let’s just say it’s probably not the type of sound you’d expect from a folk band singer. Vance even got his daughter in on the fun.

Vance started off as a drummer for a death metal band back in the 90s, before starting his own production company in Austin, TX. Vance then ventured off to LA to become a screenwriter, got frustrated with the business and began writing music and playing guitar. The heavy alt-folk, Sci-Fi Romance was born and became official in 2011. Since that time they’ve released 2 EP’s and 4 full length albums. 

Check out Vance’s latest work below. If anything, it’s extremely entertaining!

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