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Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Says Donald Trump Is A ‘Commie Loving Traitor’

Dee Snider, who got to personally know Donald Trump through his time on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’, took to Twitter today to tell the world his feelings on President Trump. Earlier this week there was a post on Twitter from Dee’s band mate Jay Jay French, stating that Donald Trump is “a functionally illiterate racist”.

Well today, Snider shared the article about Jay Jay’s post and added his own message stating “And he’s a commie loving traitor! My dad didn’t fight in Korean War & 178,000 soldier didn’t die so some a-hole could suck up to Kim Jong-un, Putin & Xi Jinping! EFF THAT!!”

Snider then went on to post “This political sickness is everywhere. It’s time for true patriots (not hat wearing commie lovers – appropriately red BTW) to stand up and fight back! #WERENOTGONNATAKEIT” Snider continued “The prostitution of our democracy by this president is staggering! How any of those “hat wearers” can call themselves patriots is mind numbing! How would they like it if someone put a bounty on them?! (Not suggesting just cross referencing) #BETTERDEADTHANRED”

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