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Trapt’s New Album ‘Shadow Work’ Only Sells 600 Copies In First Week

Back in March, Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown had a meltdown on Twitter that has now gone on for the last 4 months. And he is using the official Trapt band account to do it. Not sure that’s the best way to gain fans.

Over these past few months, he has had some weird Twitter feuds with the general public, Ice-T, tried having one with Captain America’s Chris Evans and has gone on multiple rants defending President Donald Trump.

I’m not sure if Brown thought these Twitter feuds would keep his band in the spotlight, but it does not seem to have worked. At the end of May, one Trapt hater replied to a tweet saying “With all your genius marketing, why doesn’t your new album come up first when “Shadow Work Album” is googled? I can’t wait to come back in a month and hear the excuses for another failure. What do you think, 2700 first week?”

Brown was quick to reply and said “Definitely double that if not more! Cannot wait to run it in! Thanks for promoting my band, moron.”

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Well, Shadow Work is out and it definitely did not come close to hitting the 5,400 mark. It didn’t even come close to hitting the 2,700 mark. In the first week they only sold 600 copies, according to Soundscan’s official report. 

Twitter took notice and one user congratulated the band on their 600 albums sold. Again, Brown was quick to reply saying they actually sold almost 4,000 albums between July 3rd-July 9th. Which again, is still substantially less than the 5,700+, Brown was so positive they would sell.

Will you be picking up Shadow Work? According to a tweet in May from Brown, “The new TRAPT album “Shadow Work” is the best piece of music trapt has put out and probably one of the top 5 albums that will ever exist for all of time.”

That is quite the claim!

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