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Trapt Vocalist Says His Personal Account Has Now Been Deleted Off Instagram

Trapt frontman Chris Taylor Brown took to Twitter today to say that his personal Instagram account has now been banned from the platform. 

“Damn, Facebook also deleted my personal Instagram profile which I don’t post anything but pics of me & my girl😂 Wonder if they will delete my personal FB musician page too. I haven’t even used that one in a while. FB really has it out for me. Thankful for Parler @CTBTraptParler”

For those that may be confused about why he’s saying Facebook has it out for him, while talking about his Instagram account, it is because Facebook owns Instagram. Yesterday it was reported that Facebook had deleted Trapt’s official account from their platform for what was perceived as hate speech. 

Brown did say that he plans to legally challenge the deletion from the platform. As of now he does still have his Twitter account.

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