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Trapt Inviting Proud Boys To Shows & Blaming Power Trip For Cancelled Concert

Chris Taylor Brown, frontman for the band Trapt, has been having a very controversial 2020 and this latest message might be his most controversial yet.

Trapt was set to play at Trees in Dallas, TX on November 21st. However, the venue has now cancelled the show and Chris Taylor Brown is stating it’s due to SJW’s.

Trees, released a statement saying, “Due to reasons beyond our knowledge, the Trapt show has been canceled. All tickets will be refunded to the point of purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience.” Which would make the average person reading this think that Trapt has cancelled their own show.

However, Trapt has released a statement saying, “So Trees in Dallas caved to threats to employees by a few of the under 100 social justice warriors who bitched about trapt in Dallas & who are also absolute sheep brainwashed by mainstream media. What a shame. Next Dallas show for Dallas Proud Boys & LE! POYB! See you SJWs there”

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For those not aware “POYB” is an acronym for “Proud Of You Boy”, a hashtag that many Proud Boy members use.

Trapt then posted another Tweet saying that they blame Power Trip and their fans for threatening the venue.