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Tool Confirms Adam Jones Is Getting His Own Signature Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar

Adam Jones is now working with Gibson Custom Shop on recreating his 1979 Les Paul Silverburst, for a new signature guitar. Tool has confirmed via Instagram that this is indeed happening.

In an interview with Guitar World last year, Jones talked about the silverburst guitars saying, “I remember buying my first one and the guitar salesman really tried to talk me out of it. It was the early ’90s on the Sunset Strip and it was like Guitars R Us or one of those shops where all the guys running it were very pretty, had hair-sprayed hair and jeans tucked into their cowboy boots. “I have a true love for that color and that guitar in general, and I believe that particular metallic paint does something to the tone or the resonance or the polarity somehow. “Right now, I have six actual vintage Silverburst Gibson Les Paul Customs and I have some others that people have given me that have been painted silverburst,” Jones said. “I bought a couple extra because I used to only bring two guitars on the road, but now we use drop B for ‘Prison Sex’ and then we tune the guitar down to drop C for ‘The Pot’, which is a little easier for Maynard to sing and he can really let go every time.” 

Jones also talked about how he modifies his guitar and what pickups he uses, saying, “I use the thickest frets possible because I pull off a lot and I also like to use kind of a sitar technique where if you push down really hard. The note will go sharp, and the big frets make that work. “I still use just the original Seymour Duncan Super Distortion pickups. I buy those up whenever I see an old one from the ’90s.” 

Would you buy an Adam Jones Signature guitar?

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