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Tommy Vext Asks Fans To Stop Bashing Bad Wolves After His Departure

This past weekend it was announced that Tommy Vext has left Bad Wolves. Since the announcement, several fans have taken to social media and started bashing the band for Vext’s departure. 

Vext then took to his Instagram Stories and posted the following:

“Guys please listen:

“you can support me without bashing my former band mates in @badwolvesofficial. I understand emotions are high and there’s a lot of speculation but just chill. I will make a statement when legal documents are finalized. I have no animosity toward the boys, the media once again ran with rumors and forced my ex bandmates to make an ill timed response.

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“I am grateful for your support & reassurance and it’s actually moved me to tears. But we don’t need to spread negativity to the other guys.

“We have very different political and spiritual beliefs but they are good human beings & the way I see it is we will have a healthy competition to create awesome music. So everyone wins.

“I Love John, Doc, Chris & Kyle. Please Don’t bully my homies.”

Doc Coyle posted the below on his Facebook page.

Bad Wolves have also posted the following statement on their Instagram.

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