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TikTok User Proves That She Is A Metallica Fan In An Epic Series Of Videos

TikTok user Zaria proved to some trolls recently that she is in fact a Metallica fan. What started out as a regular TikTok dance video, escalated when some users noticed she was wearing a Metallica shirt in the video and doubted that she could name 3 songs.

Zaria was quick to reply in a series of videos showing that not only does she know the names of 3 songs, but she can play them all on her guitar.

Enjoy these videos and remember, never judge a book by its cover!


Reply to @paytonnsmith I hope this video finds the #Metallica fans lol, not my best #guitar playing but that wasn’t really the point #guitarist ♬ original sound – Zaria


Reply to @paytonnsmith you’re a troll lil man the whole point was whether or not I knew any Metallica songs not whether or not I could play them on 🎸 ♬ original sound – Zaria


Reply to @davidgriffith970 too much reverb but u get the point. Comment suggestions and I’ll play for y’all #guitar #guitarist #metallica ♬ original sound – Zaria

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