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Ted Nugent States Joe Biden Is ‘Painfully Deranged In a Mental Capacity’

Ted Nugent was recently interviewed by “Real News Insights”, a series hosted by Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law.

When Nugent was asked how he thinks Joe Biden’s “embrace of radical socialism would impact our freedom if, God forbid, he became president,” he responded: “Well, let me also share the pulse of my fellow good Americans. Ted Nugent, I’m gonna do a benefit concert and try and buy Joe Biden a syllable. This guy is not only painfully deranged in a mental capacity but much more egregious and dangerous than that, we believe that he’s deranged on a spiritual level. He is the poster child for hypocrisy. He is the poster child for political wind reading — he literally will go with whatever pandering will serve his purpose on this day and then counter that pandering for this crew on that day. So we know how this guy operates.”

Not one to hold back, Nugent said, “Polls be damned,” he continued. “I was there during the 2015-2016 polls. Hello? Believe me, there are polls, and then there are people that work very hard and maybe don’t partake in those polls, but they show up at the rallies, they show up to support the president, they are supporting him across the board.”

“So not only is President Trump a great man, but Joe Biden is a classic representative of the ‘deep state’ status quo, power abusing. They violate their oath. I take that oath to the Constitution as a sheriff deputy; those words have iron. And Joe Biden and his Democrat friends violate that oath over and over again. And again, the first emotion is heartbreak, and then that morphs into anger and that anger will manifest itself in a conservative voting army.”

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You can view the entire interview with Nugent below.