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System Of A Down Drummer Slams Democrats For ‘Demonizing’ Donald Trump

Frequently outspoken System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has once again taken to his Instagram to speak out about what he believes is unfair treatment of President Donald Trump. This comes after a recent post where he referred to “cowards” who “can’t handle free speech”.

“Working together to fix problems seems to be the last thing on the lefts mind , instead it’s about demonizing Trump and blaming him for everything under the sun and telling you you’re a bad person for voting for him etc, the usual liberal tactic straight from the Marxist manifesto .

“Blocking every effort the president attempts to make will not help any of us although the obvious ploy was also used by republicans in the past and can be effective in the war we all unfortunately must pay for over control of this land.

“We are destroying ourselves from the inside , all fueled by our enemies abroad and helped by the useful idiots that live among us but hate the country that made them.

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“I will fight to maintain this republic though it costs me everything I have , I will fight for those who protect us like the police , I will fight for all of our rights under the constitution, and I will fight for our future. If that costs me personally so be it.”

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