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System Of A Down Drummer John Dolmayan Says “This Election Is Not Over”

System Of A Down made news last week by releasing 2 new songs, something that hasn’t happened in 15 years. The band came together to show support for the Armenian people, but when it comes to United States politics, some members continue to be divided.

John Dolmayan has taken to social media to give his thoughts on the results of the election. Dolmayan posted a photo of Donald Trump with the words “He’s fought for us since day one. Now it’s time to fight for him.”

Dolmayan captioned the post with, “This president has been under attack for nearly five years by all media both social and otherwise along with massive corporations and the lifelong politicians who have been actively attacking him since he decided to run,” Dolmayan continues. “Why? He dealt with a worldwide pandemic crisis and a total shutdown of the economy perpetuated and instigated by his opponents in the hopes that our economy would crash and that he would be blamed.

“Massive violent protests (they will go away if Biden is elected) that were most certainly instigated by his opposition to destabilize our nation and erode trust in our system.

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“If Biden wins all of these protests will disappear and there will be a quick end to the pandemic, don’t fall for it. You will probably never see another non politician run for this office again ,that is our loss. This election is not over nor should it be without complete transparency.”

Serj Tankian stated last month that it is “frustrating”, that he and Dolmayan’s political views differ so much from one another saying, “He’s Armenian. He’s my brother-in-law and my drummer. Is it frustrating being politically opposite to your own drummer and brother-in-law? Fuck yeah. Of course it’s frustrating. But that’s having to do with American politics.”

Tankian went on to note that when it comes to Armenian issues, they are on the exact same page.

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