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Staind’s Aaron Lewis Performs New Song ‘If I Were A Liberal’

In the current hyper-polarized political climate that we have come to expect during an election year, music fans usually learn quickly where their favorite artists stand. Over the last few years, Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has found success as a country music performer.

While Staind’s reunion plans had to be put on hold due to the pandemic, Lewis has found a way to perform live at outdoor, socially distanced concerts. The shows feature Lewis and Godsmack frontman Sully Erna on stage with their acoustic guitars and a piano trading songs back and forth.

During recent performances over the last month or so, Lewis has been performing something he calls ‘If I Were A Liberal’, a modified version of his song ‘If I Were The Devil’. The song features lyrics like: If I were the devil, everyone would just see color. / And I’d take all religions and I’d turn them against each other / I’d sit back and I’d love it, watch you fuel the hate / Light fires on the evenin’ news and let them fan my flames

As if the lyrics weren’t direct enough, Lewis now replaces the word ‘devil’ with ‘liberal’ to make his perspective clear.

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