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Socially Distanced Metal Shows In Europe Are Happening

While the US is still trying to flatten the curve and get the Covid-19 pandemic under control, Europe is now doing socially distanced metal shows!

Metal band Destruction, put on 2 shows this last weekend in Switzerland. Another band Arcturus did a show for a seated crowd in Norway.

Destruction, a band based out of Germany, traveled to Prattein, Switzerland to put on their 2 shows at the Z7 Club. The venue can normally hold 1,600, however with practicing social distancing, only 250 came for the first show and 300 for the second.

Arcturus hosted a concert for 200 fans at Sentralen in Oslo. There fans had to remain seated in numbered chairs thru out the venue. Being probably one of the calmest metal shows ever performed, it was still a way for people to get out and hear live music for the first time in months!

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Destruction posted the following on Instagram after their 2 shows:

You can view footage from the shows this weekend down below: