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Shinedown Singer Brent Smith ‘Firmly’ Believes 7th Album Will Release In 2021

Record-breaking rock titans Shinedown are not wasting their time away from the road. The band has put out a new single, Atlas Falls, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to COVID-19 relief, and are now deep in the process of writing their seventh album.

The currently-untitled album will be the follow up to Shinedown’s 2018 effort Attention Attention which spawned hits like Monsters, Devil, and Get Up.

Vocalist Brent Smith took to the band’s Instagram to update the band’s fans on the status of the record:

“Not only are we in the midst of writing the next Shinedown record, which is going to be the seventh album. We’re also in the middle of a complete studio build. I’m here in Charleston, South Carolina.”

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He later added: “A lot of people are asking, what’s it gonna sound like? I’ve gotten questions like ‘is it all COVID 19 related? Is it all hardcore and aggressive and this and that? I’m not gonna tell you.

“I think that it is definitely, parts of it that are a product of what we are going through this year. I firmly believe that the record will be coming out in 2021. There is also a lot of soul searching on this record, really focusing super hard on the lyrical content and the way that it sounds.

“For us to look at everything that is going on right now and to listen to some of the new school artists and seeing what they’re doing production and what have you. You can always learn from different people. It’s interesting the state of where music is right now because there is a lot of it.

“We’re also not done with it. I’d say we’re like 40% there with regards to the writing process. We’ll see by the end of the year where we’re at and the timeline for getting everything together.

Earlier this year, Shinedown broke the record for Most Mainstream Rock #1 singles, something previously held by Tom Petty as part of the chart’s forty-something year history.

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