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Sharon Osbourne Says She’s Doing Well But Still Feels Very Tired After Covid-19

Sharon Osbourne contracted Covid-19 last December. She was hospitalized for a short period of time and then was cleared to go back home. 

Osbourne recently said on her show The Talk that she still feels very tired of recovering from the virus.

“I’m feeling really fine now, except that I’m still very tired. I nod off at ridiculous times of the day,” Sharon said. “I’m good. You know, I went through all the symptoms — headache, eye ache, body ache, dizziness, sickness — you know, all of it. But there’s people who are much worse than I got it, they have it much worse. And I just think I came out very lucky.”

Sharon advised fans she had gotten Covid via social media but was away from Ozzy when she tested positive.

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