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Sharon Osborne Says That Ozzy Will Be Back On Tour In 2022

Ozzy’s touring plans were put on hiatus even before the Covid-19 pandemic. His No More Tours II tour was moved twice before eventually being cancelled. But Sharon has now confirmed that he is booked for the road in 2022.

Sharon Osborne was recently a guest on Planet Rock Radio, which is where she made the announcement. She also revealed how she’s been keeping Ozzy busy during 2020.

“Everybody’s booking their tours again for like 2022, and to find availabilities right now, it’s crazy!” Sharon says. “Agents and facilities are going nuts, trying to get everybody back. It will be exciting. I think it will be a very exciting time when bands do go back and it’ll be joyous.

“Ozzy’s tour has been rebooked,” She continued. “The British tour, he’ll be back in 2022. You know, we just carry on as normal. We’ve been doing loads of TV shows here and you’ve got to just keep going until Ozzy can go back live. He’s in the studio right now doing a new album. We’re going to do a movie of Ozzy’s life story and he’s got to do the soundtrack to that… so I’ll keep him busy, let’s put it that way.”

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When Ozzy spoke with Kerrang in early 2020, he revealed that making “Ordinary Man” really helped him emotionally. 

“There’s so much joy in it – it picked me up out of my blues, definitely,” he said. “We’ve captured the essence of fun. And it felt good to achieve something. It’s like swimming from one side of the world to the other and you go: ‘There’s land!’ It made me think, ‘I’m not fucking done yet!’

“We’d bounce the fucking melodies around until something came up, and we’d just go with it,” he enthused. “It was fun. And it was so fucking good to be doing something. Because I’d be lying in bed going, ‘That’s it, I’m never gonna walk again,’ and this got me doing something and feeling good. And it was simple, it felt more like recording a fucking jam session. It’s not like a Pink Floyd thing where you’ve got to take a tab of acid to enjoy it – just crank the fucking thing. Go for it!”

With how crazy 2020 has been, Ozzy surely appreciates being back in the studio with Andrew Watt for his follow up to “Ordinary Man”.

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