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Sevendust To LiveStream ‘Animosity’ In It’s Entirety

Sevendust will be doing a livestream event, where they will play ‘Animosity’ in full, on January 8th from the Opav in Orlando Florida. To help promote the event, Sevendust vocalist Lajon Witherspoon spoke with Midwest Beatdown. 

“Oh my God. There’s some songs on there that we’ve never played, I think,” Lajon stated. “It’s gonna be fun to get back and do it, and also to play some of those songs we’ve never had the time to play, and to see each other again and to laugh with each other and look at each other, and start jamming and somebody’s back breaks or falls out, because we’re old now. 

“I’m really looking forward to getting back and doing ‘Animosity’ and having a good time, and hopefully bringing some type of sense of weird normalcy in this world that we’re trying to navigate through during this pandemic,” Lajon continued. “And I can’t believe it’s gonna be 20-something years since we recorded it. Oh my God. 

“So many people have been asking for it, so that was another weird thing. It was, like, ‘We’ve gotta do this,’” he added. “And I’ve kind of gone [back] and listened to the songs, and there were some really cool songs. And what a great time in our careers as young men growing up and just kind of learning about life and the industry and everything that was going on with it. It’s just really cool.”

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Tickets for the livestream event can be purchased here for $17. This will be the second livestream event that Sevendust has done since the pandemic began. 

‘Animosity’ was the bands 3rd album and was released in 2001. Sevendust recently released their 13th studio album titled ‘Blood & Stone’ in late 2020.