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Sebastian Bach Claims Chris Jericho Is ‘Milli Vanilli’, Twitter Battle Ensues

What started off as seemingly innocent comment from a Twitter user, has turned into a Twitter feud between Sebastian Bach and Chris Jericho, after Bach stated that Jericho lip syncs during his live shows.

The fan stated that Jericho was starting to look like Bach. Bach replies, saying he hears this daily.

Jericho also replied, saying “Good looking guys are good looking guys. What else can we say dude!”

Then Twitter users tried stirring the pot, with one stating “You partied too much Jericho has you beat.”

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That is when Bach, came back accusing Jericho of lip syncing.

Then in true Chris Jericho fashion, Jericho replied, mentioning Fozzy’s recent success. While also saying he still considers Bach to be a friend.

Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward, then chimed in stating that Jericho is the one who has always defended Bach, when people tried to bad mouth him.

Things continued to escalate and Jericho actually challenged Bach to a sing off! No tuning, no effects, no bs! Bach seemed to accept the challenge!

Could we see an actual sing off with Chris Jericho and Sebastian Bach? Hey it’s 2020, anything is possible.

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