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Saliva Reunion With Josey Scott Has Been Put On Hold

Vocalist Josey Scott parted ways with Saliva in 2011, to focus on a solo career, get sober and be a better father. Fast forward to 2019 and Scott did an interview with the ‘Big Bad Morning Show’, where he discussed getting back with his old band Saliva for a new record and reunion tour. 

Scott said, “I’m going to get back together with the guys and we’re gonna do a reunion tour and a new album next year… January 2020, we’re gonna put the old thinking caps on and get in the studio.

“Now that I’m clean and sober, my mind is clear, and I’m focused like I used to be in my 20s when I wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. And I went out, and people told me I’d never make it and they told I’d never get a record deal, and I said, ‘Fuck you!’ and I went and got it anyway — without a high school diploma. I’ve kind of got that focusness back.

“I’m gonna get in the studio with the guys, I’m gonna write a badass record, and we’re gonna go sell it.”

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The reunion he was referring to was the “Nu-Metal Revival Tour 2020”. The tour would of had Saliva, Powerman 5000, Flaw and Adema. But then the pandemic happened. Which immediately put a halt on all of their plans.

Recently Saliva drummer Paul Crosby was a guest on “The Chuck Shute Podcast”, where he was asked about the future of Josey Scott returning to the band. 

Crosby said, “Honestly, that is completely his decision. I’m not sure where his head’s at. There was talk of all that, and then the pandemic put the brakes on it. And, obviously, we’re still dealing with the remnants of the pandemic, so I’m not sure what’s gonna play out. All I can is that all that has been put on hold at least for now — till everything clears up, and then maybe we’ll revisit it.”

Would you like to see Scott return? 

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