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Pop Star Doja Cat Performs “Say So” And Samples Djent Guitarist Plini Without His Knowledge

Pop star Doja Cat performed at the MTV European Music Video Awards over the weekend, and wanted to give fans a different version of her hit song “Say So”. 

Many of her fans really enjoyed the live performance, but one person in particular noticed something many missed. 

Djent guitarist Plini noticed that one of his solos was being used on the track. It turns out he had no prior knowledge of her using his music, but he was in good spirits about it.

Plini tweeted, “someone tell @DojaCat that if she digs the arrangement of this at 2:50 onwards, then she would love my song “handmade cities” 🙃 “

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Plini also retweeted Stray From The Path drummer Craig Reynolds theory as to how this could of happened. Reynolds said, “anyway I don’t think djent kids dragging doja is the move. could get the MD in trouble for something that could have been an accident/an honest nod, and might even already be credited for ASCAP. better to use this energy to get plini an insane pop gig.”

I wonder if Doja Cat has reached out to Plini yet? Maybe there’s a new Doja Cat track featuring Plini on the way! Check out Doja Cat’s performance below and then check out Plini’s song “Handmade Cities”.