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Paramore’s Hayley Williams Asks Mississippi Lawmakers To Change Their State Flag

Today, a vote is taking place with Mississippi lawmakers concerning their state flag, which currently displays the Confederate battle emblem. Hayley Williams of Paramore, is among those voicing their concerns on social media and asking for the flag to be changed.

“I was born in Meridian, MS. lived there thru 2001. Transparently, I have some awful memories from life there but a lot of the good ones i keep involve my black schoolmates & neighborhood friends,” Hayley posted yesterday (June 25th). “Those kids introduced me to black artists who shape my artistry to this day. I remember noticing racial inequities from a very young age but I certainly did not realize then that there was anything that could be done about it.”

Hayley goes on, “I imagine even a grown-up would feel intimidated/overwhelmed to do something about it in MS. Yet tomorrow, there’s opportunity! tomorrow, legislators in my birth state have a chance to take action with a big first step. So tonight, i am appealing to the Mississippi legislature to vote tomorrow (Friday, June 26) on a new flag, one that represents ALL of the citizens of MS.”

Later on Hayley posted, “I’m speaking on this in effort to honor the good memories i have kept from my childhood in Meridian and to (in a way that feels too small) give support back to the young black people who i know made a significant impact on my musical journey. Special shouts, though they may never see this: Sheena- i have this memory of you drawin D’Angelo all on your papers in class bc you thought he was hot. THATS HOW I LEARNED ABOUT HIM. Sakara- we would sing “aahaaa hush that fuss…” during recess. first time I heard OutKast.”