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Ozzy Osbourne Says He’s Writing A New Record During Quarantine

2020 may be a roller coaster of a year, but it’s giving us a lot of great music! Ozzy released his last album “Ordinary Man” in 2019. At the time he had to scrap all touring plans due to his health issues and then because of the pandemic.

But all of that hasn’t stopped his creativity. In a recent interview with’s “Live Check In” series, Ozzy has revealed he’s already begun work on a new album with producer Andrew Watt.

Ozzy stated, “I’m doing another record right now. I just started to work with Andrew again. It’s what gets me up in the morning, and it’s what I’m here to do,” Ozzy continued. 

“It saved my life, doing that last album. [It’s better than] sitting on my ass all day waiting for the fucking pandemic to be over. And then you go, ‘Oh, yeah, I am a rock and roller. I’d better do an album.’ You’ve got all the fucking time in the world to make the best album possible.”

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Ozzy also went on to say he’s looking forward to hitting the road again once he’s back to 100% and the pandemic has subsided.

You can see the video interview with Ozzy, using the link below.

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