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Nonpoint Frontman Elias Soriano Explains Why They Are Not Playing ‘Herd Immunity Fest’

A few days ago it was reported that there was a new festival in July, the ‘Herd Immunity Fest’. Shortly after the announcement of the festival and the line up of bands that would be playing, Nonpoint, dropped off the bill. Elias gave an explanation for their decision in an interview with Loudwire Nights.

“There’s a lot of deciding factors to acceptance of any show by any band. There’s multiple members of the band who’ll remind everyone that we’re in the middle of a recession,” Soriano said.

After they receive an offer to do a show, the band gets together and decide as one if they should do the show or not. Obviously, with everything going on with Covid-19, they want to ensure that all social distancing guidelines and additional precautions are being followed.

“When you receive those assurances and then you see something deemed in a way that doesn’t follow those assurances, then you should be able to reconsider,” Soriano stated. “For the safety of our fans, for the safety of our families.”

They noticed a lot of negative comments online from their fans, talking about the name of the festival and saw how different their fans beliefs are from one another in regards to this pandemic and if it was a real threat or not.

“I can’t ask my fans to hope that the person next to them — that may not be a fan of my band — shares those beliefs,” he said. “That the COVID situation is real, that there are hundreds of thousands of people dying, and we should take it seriously.”

“Do we want to put our fans in that situation and hope that they make it out okay? Or do we want to disassociate ourselves with it because it’s giving the impression that we don’t believe it.”

“We sign the contract to play a show, not to create what’s considered ‘herd immunity.'”

As reported earlier this week, Powerman 5000 frontman Spider One, called out his fellow colleagues for agreeing to do such a festival. Nonpoint replied to his post stating they had dropped out, but Soriano confirmed, that they dropped off the day before Spider One’s post.

You can see the full interview with Soriano below.