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Metallica Bassist Robert Trujillo Says There Might Be “Another Performance Or Two” After Drive-In Show

This last weekend, Metallica fans around the US and Canada, had a chance to see Metallica live….sort of. Metallica pre-recorded a live show a few weeks ago not far from their headquarters. The footage was then sent of to their team of editors to work their magic and make this drive-in show truly Metallica worthy.

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Bassist Robert Trujillo did an interview recently with the Oakland Press saying, “Obviously these are crazy times, and it takes a lot to take that first step, and I feel like we’ve done that. We have some ideas about how we want to pursue making music together. We’re going to put something together and it’s going to be exciting musically, and maybe there’ll be another performance or two — not exactly sure when or how or what, but there are things in the works.”

In regards to how they recorded and what it was like for this first drive-in show, Trujillo said “[That] really brought us together. And It was a huge step forward to actually be together in person. Obviously playing without a crowd was a bit strange ’cause we’re spoiled with great crowds. We literally played to crickets. You could hear crickets in-between songs, so this was for the wildlife, you know.”

Did you get a chance to see the Metallica show this weekend? If so, how was it and would you attend another?

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