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Marilyn Manson Interviews His Good Friend Nicolas Cage

Something that people may not know is that Marilyn Manson and Nicolas Cage are good friends. Cage even bought Manson’s first painting from an art gallery.

Manson got to interview Cage for Interview Magazine and it is one of the craziest and most fun to read interviews I’ve seen in awhile. They talk about everything from teaching pet crows to talk, to screaming “cock”, to being a guest at Manson’s wedding this summer via FaceTime.

Below is just a small sample of the interview:

MANSON: Would you like me to travel to Las Vegas so that we can spoon together?

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CAGE: [Laughs] I don’t know if I’m ready for that one.

MANSON: It doesn’t have to be anything sexual. If you need someone to hold you that looks like your little brother, I can do it.

CAGE: I appreciate the offer, but I’m actually great with my cats. I don’t mind watching a movie with you, though. We were good buddies with Johnny Ramone, and we would all hang out at his house. Do you remember that time I had that mummy’s hand with tattoos on it?

MANSON: I can’t remember if it was a monkey’s paw or a mummy’s hand.

CAGE: It was an actual hand.

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Check out the full interview here.