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Lamb Of God Guitarist Mark Morton Celebrates 18 Months Of Sobriety

Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton celebrates an important milestone in his life; he is now 18 months sober. The musician shared the exciting news on his Twitter, while his band Lamb of God celebrates the success of the new, self-titled album.

“As of today, I have been 100% free from all drugs & alcohol for a year & a half….One day at a time.

“If you’re reading this & addiction is ruining your life, please know that recovery is possible for you. Find someone in recovery & ask them for help. Life is truly amazing.”

This isn’t the first time that Morton has spoken about his sobriety. He has used his platform online to encourage others to work towards sobriety if they are struggling.

The Lamb of God musician also released a solo EP last year and addressed his sobriety on a song called ‘Ether.’

“When I was in that kind of mindset of drinking and drugs and all that, I tended to have this sort of negative filter,” Morton shared with ABC Audio about the track, “I could make anything ‘woe is me,’ or ‘it should be this way,’ just entitled, very addict sort of viewpoint on things.”

He added: “You get a little bit of clarity and you get a little bit of gratitude, and you start seeing, like, ‘Wow, I still have so much going on. It’s amazing that I didn’t mess this up.'”

Morton’s bandmate Randy Blythe has also notably been sober for years. Congratulations to both of them on this impressive achievement.