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Lamb Of God Guitarist Mark Morton Blasts Anti-Maskers On Twitter

This past weekend Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton, played a show, interacted with fans on Twitter, and oh yeah blasted anti-maksers, saying “it says NOTHING to me about them exercising their freedom or liberty.”

Morton was not shy to express his feelings about anti-maskers and shared the video of the group of people that protested inside a Target.

In the series of tweets Morton said, “When someone doesn’t wear a mask indoors in public, it says NOTHING to me about them exercising their freedom or liberty. What it says to me is that you give ZERO fucks about me having to consider whether I might asymptomatically pass Covid to my 78 yr old cancer surviving mother.”

He then followed up with, “Imagine how much more successful Lamb Of God would be if we rode with all that “‘Murica or else!” rah rah rah bullshit & put out albums called “Stand Your Ground” & “One In The Chamber” & shit like that.”

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