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KISS Vocalist Paul Stanley Says He Realized “That Human Contact And Support Is Really Essential”

KISS vocalist Paul Stanley recently spoke with SPIN magazine about how he personally has been handling the pandemic and what he thinks the world may be like when this is all over. 

“Initially, I was in shock,” Stanley admitted. “I think it just was so surreal that it kind of stopped everybody in their tracks and we had to get reoriented. Initially, I did very little. I pretty much stayed in the house. Nobody knew the parameters of what we could do. I’m sure we all remember wiping down shopping bags and groceries. Time has a way of getting away from you during this pandemic. 

“People, I think, are seeing this light at the end of the tunnel of vaccines, but sadly, a vaccine doesn’t do any good unless you’re vaccinated, and most of us haven’t been,” he continued. 

“One of the best things to come out of this horrible situation is people hopefully realizing how important we are to each other. And that human contact and support is really essential. And maybe, hopefully, that’s one of the lights we can carry through once this is over — appreciating one another and realizing how much we really need each other.”

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