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Kiss’ Paul Stanley ‘WEAR YOUR MASK! Don’t Listen To Conspiracy Theorists,’

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley went to the beach yesterday with his 8 year old daughter Emily to enjoy a nice sunset. 

While there, Stanley captured a cute father daughter moment and decided to post it to Twitter with the message: “Sunset at the beach with Emily. WEAR YOUR MASK! Don’t listen to conspiracy theorists or graduates of The Internet University Of Medicine. While the credible authorities and experts continue to learn more about Covid 19 they remain in agreement about safety protocols. End of story”. Stanley has been outspoken about the importance of wearing a mask during this pandemic. 

Just a few weeks ago the U.S. Surgeon General, advised the public to wear masks in order to help promote freedom during this time. However, it seems not everyone in Washington are all in agreement.

Are you wearing a mask when you go out?

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