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Kid Rock Announces Return To Nu Metal Roots, Plans Farewell Tour

Kid Rock marked his 50th birthday last night by performing for his close family and friends and before his fans around the world by way of a live feed. During the performance, Rock raised more than $200,000 for the Barstool Fund. The fund is intended to directly support business owners who were shuttered during the pandemic.

“I wish we were all rocking at Ford Field again. That was such a special time,” Rock said, reacting to the Ford Field show in front of 60,000 people in 2011. “I can’t believe 10 freaking years have passed. 40 turned into 50 really fast.”

The singer spent the evening focusing on “people have been struggling during this damn pandemic, this whole mess,” while saying he intended to stay away from politics.

During the broadcast, Kid Rock told fans he plans to release an ambitious fifty song triple album. The album will feature 10 country songs, 10 rock songs, 10 hip hop songs, and 20 unreleased tracks.

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Unfortunately, the album, which was slated to come out this year, has been likely pushed until next year where Kid Rock said he also plans to do a farewell tour.

Kid Rock, who has struggled with knee issues, warned that it may not be the last time he would ever perform, but it would be the last major tour he embarked on.

“I will say that’ll be the last time you can see me at my peak” Kid Rock told the crowd.

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