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Jared Dines Teamed Up With 10s Custom Guitars To Bring The 20 String Mountain Dew Meme Guitar To Life

YouTuber Jared Dines has teamed up with Chinese company 10s Custom Guitars, to bring a 10 year old meme to life. The 20 string Mountain Dew meme guitar looks and sounds incredible!

Over the last several years, thousands of people have been tagging Dines on social media asking if he’s seen this meme. Back in 2017, Dines tagged Mountain Dew in a post asking if they wanted to collab. 3 years later, Dines took it upon himself to team up with a guitar company crazy enough to build this monstrosity.

Why did he decide to have this built? Dines said, “I figured what better way to stop the thousands of tags, all the time, of ‘Hey Jared, have you seen this picture?’, ‘Hey, have you seen this meme?’ I’ve seen it. Stop tagging me.”

He went on, “This has been in the works for over half a year thanks to the wonderful people over at 10S guitars who agreed to help me make this beautiful monster of an instrument,” Dines says. “It is fully functional as you can see in the video, sounds great, and definitely djents!”

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Due to the massive size, the guitar has to be played like a lap steel. But that does not take away from how amazing it is. Check out the video below.