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James Hetfield Announces New Metallica Music Tomorrow

New Metallica music is coming tomorrow, Wednesday July 15th! On a new social media post, James can be heard leaving an audio message saying to “Tune in on Wednesday to hear new Metallica music from S&M2!” Lars also left a very similar message on Instagram Stories, teasing Metallica fans everywhere.

S&M2, is what Metallica recorded with the San Francisco symphony last year over the course of 2 nights in September at the Chase Center. They posted their setlist of night 1 on Twitter back in September and no new songs were noticed. So maybe they have a surprise for us from night 2? Or maybe it’s just some really cool and different arrangements with the symphony.

Lars actually talked about S&M2 on Jimmy Kimmel live last month, saying it would be released in August as a box set. 

What will this new music be? We’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out, but we do know that the guys have been working together through out quarantine on a new album as well.

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You can see the announcement below.