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Hellyeah Drummer Roy Mayorga Remembers Vinnie Paul In Heartfelt Interview

Stone Sour and Hellyeah drummer Roy Mayorga is opening up about the death of Pantera, Damageplan, and Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, who passed away in 2018. Speaking to Sepultura’s Derrick Green on his “SepulQuarta” podcast, Mayorga stated:

“His death was a huge shock. Actually, I was on tour with STONE SOUR. I think we were somewhere in the middle of Europe — I think we were in Switzerland or something like that — and I got the text from Chad. Fuck, man. I remember it big time. Everybody was pretty shocked and sad. I still am. I think about it every now and then, especially now being in his band Hellyeah. I mean, it’s a huge trip for me. There’ll be times where I’m just completely shut off when I’m playing, but there’ll be times in the middle of a show when I’m, like, ‘I can’t fucking believe this is a reality, that he’s not here. I’m here.’ I expect to see him just come walking around the corner, like, ‘Hey, Mayorga!’ He called me by last name. He never called me ‘Roy.’ And he always shouted my last name at the top of his lungs. It was the fucking coolest thing.”

He continued: “I fucking miss that dude. The laugh that he did, it was so contagious. It was like a big, roaring gut laugh. It’s fucking amazing, his laugh. And he was so cool and poised about everything when he said something. He was just a good dude, man… He was always loving and supportive and generous to everybody. All the times we’ve toured with them HELLYEAH, when I was in Stone Sour, he would always be setting up a barbecue outside their bus and cook for everyone. Fuck, man. He would spend thousands of dollars and just feed everybody.”

Vinnie Paul passed away in June 2018 at his Las Vegas home due to severe coronary artery disease. His death was the result of chronic weakening of the heart.

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