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Hayley Williams Responds To Paramore Conspiracy Theories

Paramore’s Hayley Williams replied to a now deleted tweet, and it sparked a whole thread of Paramore conspiracy theories.

The original tweet said “I always forget that Paramore was literally created by the music industry because Hayley Williams was trying to be a country singer but the label execs really wanted to jump on the pop punk/emo wave and thought she had the look”.

Hayley was quick to reply stating “this is my favorite paramore conspiracy ive ever read. funny, i heard the same rumor about avril back when labels were courting me & paramore in 2004. what’s actually true is dudes just never wanted to believe that a 16yo girl could be in a good band w/ her friends. hi sexism!”

Hayley’s reply started a chain reaction of people posting other conspiracy theories and Hayley debunking them in real time. At one point she posted a video of her laughing and saying “I got time ya’ll, I got time”.

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You can see her initial reply that started it all down below.