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Gwar To Perform Live Drive-In Show This October

Gwar isn’t going to let a pandemic stop them from putting on a show this October. Gwar posted to social media today advising Richmond, VA is chosen location for their live show on October 10th.

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Current vocalist Blothar The Berserker said, “Denizens of Richmond, Virginia! Americans do everything in their cars, and now that will include watching the greatest rock and roll horror show on this or any other planet! Truly, what is October without a global pandemic and the chance to watch GWAR from the comfort of your shitty old hoopty?! Grab a hotdog, slather it in chili, and shove it down your throat as we bring you the pinnacle of entertainment, the ultimate creature feature, live and writhing…all over your windshield!”

Tickets go on sale this Friday!

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