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Motionless In White Frontman: ‘My Mental Health Is On A Serious Decline This Year’

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on every aspect of our lives. Some people are finding time to exercise and become healthier, both mentally and physically. However, for some, it has taken a large toll on them mentally.

Recently Chris Motionless, frontman for the band Motionless In White, tweeted that his “mental health is on a serious decline this year”. His tweet said “My mental health is on a serious decline this year. Especially this month. I cant believe how worthless I feel not being able to tour and having so much time to sit in my head and obsess over regrets and self hatred. I hope anyone else experiencing similar feelings are doing okay”

In recent weeks, Motionless has also called out President Trump for his actions saying President Trump’s “behavior and poor acts of ‘leadership’ enable cruelty, ignorance, and social injustice.”

So if you were wondering what Motionless In White’s next album might sound like, Motionless confirmed to Zippo Encore that this next album is way more aggressive than their 2019’s “Disguise” album. He stated “I know our fans really enjoy our songs like ‘Another Life’ and the more laid-back or emotional tracks, which there will be those as well, but everything I’m doing myself lately has kind of been heavier,” he stated. “And I’m just, like, ‘Where is all this coming from?’ I know I’m a quietly, or somewhat quietly, angry person, but it’s really coming out in the stuff I’ve been working on. So we’ll see what happens. I know there’s gonna be a mix, like there always is.”