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Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Shares Emotional Tribute To His Late Father

Dave Grohl has shared another entry in his “Dave’s True Stories” series, this time paying homage to his late father James. This is the latest entry in the aforementioned series that has become the main project for Dave while the music industry has been halted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Foo Fighters singer acknowledges that he hadn’t always seen eye-to-eye with his father due to varying opinions on the music industry and politics. After Grohl’s father rejected his efforts to perform music, he wrote him a letter letting him know how he really felt, and this led to a new chapter in their relationship.

“From that day forward, my father and I forged a new dynamic in our relationship, and over the years we developed a friendship based on mutual respect,” Grohl said, discussing his improved relationship with his father.

“My father was my first, and best, reader. It was through him that I found my love of writing, filling me with the same sense of purpose and accomplishment that I felt that night at the Bethesda Community Center as a rebellious teen. So much that I’ve even considered trying my hand at writing a book someday. Imagine that. Just call it ‘kicking the apple back up the hill a bit.’ If only he were still around to read it.”

You can read Dave’s full story here: