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Five Finger Death Punch Vocalist Ivan Moody Is Turning His Homes Into Recovery Centers

Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody posted a video to Instagram, where he advises everyone that he’s turning 2 of his homes into recovery centers.

Moody has had some very public battles with addiction over the years and has been sober since 2018. In this new year Moody is wanting to give back and help those that are where he once was. 

“I’m going to take my Vegas home and I’m going to do my best to turn it into a possible home for young women fighting in recovery, probably from the ages of about 18 to 40 depending. I’m not going to get into too many details but that is 1. The second part of that is I am also going to do the same thing back in Colorado except for young men. Same age group,” Moody stated.

“It’s one thing to go to meetings and it’s another thing to be active and give back because that is what recovery is all about. It’s giving to someone else in place of the ones who gave to me,” Moody said.

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On his Instagram post he wrote:

“Everything I’ve done in my life has added up to THIS. It’s time to GIVE – Not monetarily. Mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s time to utilize ALL of the tools I’ve acquired throughout ‘my time.’ This FEELS right. That’s how I KNOW it’s the best ‘thing’ to do, and the correct path to take.”