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Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares Says There Has Not Been Any Communication Between Him And Vocalist Burton C. Bell

Fear Factory launched a GoFundMe last week to help raise funds to finish their latest album. However, it seems not everyone in Fear Factory was on board.

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Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell’s social media accounts stated that he was not part of any GoFundMe and even calling it a “scam”. Claims that Cazares strongly denies.

Recently Cazares did an interview with Dave “Higgo” Higgins from Australia’s MMM Hard N Heavy radio station. You can hear the full interview below. However, thanks to who transcribed the interview, you can see some of the more interesting bits.

Dino: “One thing I wanted to make clear is that, at the time, it’s public knowledge that we were all going through a lot of legalities regarding the FEAR FACTORY trademark, the FEAR FACTORY name. So, when we were recording this record, there was no guarantee that it was gonna be called FEAR FACTORY at all, because at the time that we were going through these legalities, everything was on hold and the courts owned the FEAR FACTORY name — they controlled the FEAR FACTORY name. So, when we were actually recording the record, there was absolutely no certainty whatsoever that it was gonna be called FEAR FACTORY. As a matter of fact, fans had found this out, and they were actually trying to help us come up with a name, and they had come up with some pretty creative names that I was definitely considering. But, luckily, things worked out and I won my lawsuit and I was able to regain ownership of the FEAR FACTORY name. Now, fast forward to 2020, again, I regained the name in July. I went back and revisited what we recorded, and I was, like, there are some things that are just missing on this record that I just wanna improve and make better for everybody — for everybody to enjoy a great FEAR FACTORY record.”

When asked about Bell’s comments, Dino stated:

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Dino: “I don’t really know who made those comments. Those are on Burton C. Bell’s Instagram and other places that he’s commented on, but that’s not the guy that I know; that’s not the Burton I know. Burton does not lash out at people on Instagram or Facebook — none of his social media is like that. That’s not the person I know. So whoever is controlling his social media might be the one that’s misinformed. Now, those comments didn’t sound like it came from somebody who’s been in the music business for 30 years. Those comments sound like somebody who had no knowledge of how the music business works. And the reason I say that is because of the comment that said that they don’t benefit from this GoFundMe page. And the person [who wrote that] is wrong, because, in the long run, Burton does benefit from this GoFundMe page, and he benefits from a great record when it comes out.”

And when asked about whether or not he’s spoken to Bell?

Dino: “No, I have not spoken to him. He’s made it clear that he’s distancing himself from FEAR FACTORY because he is working on ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS. Now, I’m quoting him, and he’s [told the] media and [gone] on record [as] saying that. We have tried to reach each other over the years, but we do not have exactly the perfect relationship. Usually when Burt’s working on a project, he disappears and he focuses on that. That I know from 30 years of knowing him and being in the business with him — those things I know. And that’s it. There hasn’t been any communication between us two at all whatsoever — lately.”

While many believe that the GoFundMe is not a scam, many still wonder if a new album does come out, will we ever get to hear it live?

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