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Fans Wonder If This Is King 810’s David Gunn In Viral Capital Protest Video (Update)

Update: David Gunn has responded to the rumors, confirming he was there, but also that he was merely capturing content for a new music video, and not participating in the riot.

In the wake of the riot that occurred at the nation’s capital, a viral tweet mocking the appearance of an unknown man wearing a “2003 G-Unit Pelle Pelle” is making the rounds online. Users in the comments have questioned whether or not the man seen in the video and photos is none other than King 810’s David Gunn.

There is no evidence or public comment from Gunn indicating he was at the event or that he was ever actually inside of the capital.

Gunn has previously worn a similar jacket:

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In the comments of this video, one user wrote that the man at 10:30 appeared to be Gunn: