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Exodus’ Gary Holt Defends BABYMETAL Against Metal Gatekeepers

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt is defending Babymetal from heavy metal fans who label the band as a “gimmick”.

Babymetal has been criticized widely since their inception, with many fans likening the group to KPOP and refusing to accept the group as a legitimate band. Although some fans have refused to embrace them, Babymetal has been widely accepted by their peers.

Holt was asked about his opinion on Babymetal during a Q&A on the Marshall Amp Instagram account. Here’s what he had to say when asked about his feelings on the band:

“Why not? People wanna talk shit? They’re out there. They have more energy than a lot of metal bands that don’t like ’em. And if it turns a bunch of kids into metalheads, then all the better, right?”

For his part, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has previously endorsed Babymetal as well in an interview with MusikExpress:

“I dig Babymetal. It’s just wrong on every level. It’s just entertaining as hell. The whole Asian pop mixed with metal and the dance they do, it’s just… I mean, how can you not be entertained watching that? It’s the whole vibe, just the whole thing — it’s not necessarily the music or the girls themselves or what you’re looking at. It’s the whole package, it’s the whole thing.”

He added: “When I first heard them, I was, like, ‘Oh, this is amazing!’ ‘Cause I like things that are different and go against the grain. And everyone was flipping the hell out, freaking out about it — hatin’ it or lovin’ it. It was one way or the other — you either love or hate it. I thought I’d seen it all, but after I saw them, [I was], like, ‘Wow! This is pretty intense.'”

Here is Holt’s response to the Babymetal question:

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