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Edsel Dope Responds To Tripp Eisen’s Statement Saying ‘Keep My Name Out Of Your Talentless Mouth’

Yesterday we posted an article where Tripp Eisen, former Static-X guitarist, released a statement about the new Static-X album and how he wasn’t getting proper credit.

Well, Edsel Dope has now replied to Tripp and he did not pull any punches! According to Edsel, Wayne Static wanted nothing to do with Tripp and actually hated him. 

Edsel posted on Facebook saying:

“Fuck You!!!!

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You 2 time CONVICTED sex offender piece of shit!

Keep my name out of your talentless mouth!

I fired you 20 years ago, because you are an egotistical, low talent idiot and Static X fired you more than 15 years ago because you were a 40 Year old creep, who was arrested for having sexual relations with multiple 14 year old fan girls. DEPLORABLE!

You have not progressed in the least bit. Not even after spending 2 separate stints in jail.

You are an antagonist, who paints himself as a victim.

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Meanwhile, You’ve never even apologized to our metal community for betraying all of our trust, by preying on young, impressionable fan girls for your own selfish perversions.

And now, you are trying to attach your name to an incredibly well orchestrated memorial / tribute that you had ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to do with.


For your information.

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Wayne and I had a very pointed discussion about you, while on tour together in 2014, so I know EXACTLY how he felt about you. WAYNE FUCKING HATED YOU & he had no interest in ever associating with you again…

You’ve been begging for people to pay attention to you and your new band for 3 years..

Attempting to tie yourself to virtually everything Static-X or Dope does.

Hash-tagging Dope, Static-X, and the Murderdolls in virtually every post..

After all of that, you have managed to gather roughly 1,000 followers in TOTAL….

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IT’S OVER dummy.

You will always be known as that 40 year old creepy guy with “LEE PRESS ON” dreads, who targeted underage fan girls for sex.

This is not my opinion.. This is a fact and it is public record.

Charges were filed against you in 2 separate states for kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, aggravated sexual assault, and luring to entice a minor through the Internet.”

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I hope that ICP and all the Jugalos across the world are reading this and remember who you are, what you did, and why you’ve ended up crying on the sidelines.

I’M SO DOWN WITH THE CLOWNS and I so hope the Juggalos are listening.


#14 year olds dude…”

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Edsel then added a handful of memes, to further enhance his point.

Earlier this week Violent J had called for the Juggalos to beat up Blood On The Dance Floor frontman Dahvie Vanity and now, Edsel is asking the same for Tripp. 

I wonder if Violent J or Shaggy will have something to add?

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