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Donald Trump Says He’s Done More For Iowa Than Anyone Ever, Slipknot Fans React

Donald Trump recently had his rally in Des Moines, Iowa. Following the rally, Trump tweeted, “Nobody has ever done as much for Iowa as I have done for Iowa – Not even close!!!”

Fans and fellow musicians did not hesitate to let Trump know that he may want to familiarize himself with Slipknot. Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton, appeared to kick things off with his response of, “But Slipknot bruhhh.”

Others were quick to chime in, with Luie Atriano tweeting, “If he hasn’t sold out the Iowa state fair I don’t wanna hear about it,”. 

Some talked about how Trump did nothing when the derecho hit their state, decimating entire crops. It seems people aren’t in agreement with President Trump’s proclamation.

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