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Don Dokken Talks Politics And Covid Vaccine In Latest Interview

Dokken frontman Don Dokken spoke with “The Classic Metal Show” last week about the writing process for their follow up to 2012’s “Broken Bones”. During the interview Dokken gave his opinion on the state of the country as well as his thoughts on the Pfizer vaccine.

“I’ve never been a political person,” he stated. “I never got involved. I don’t think I voted — shame on me — until I was pushing 50. I just wasn’t a political person. 

“I’ll be happy in 31 days when [Trump] is out of office,” he went on. “I think our country has gone in the shitter, and I’m embarrassed. And I feel like [when] I go on tour again, if someone says, ‘Where are you from?’, I’m gonna say, ‘Canada.’ [Laughs] We’re not real popular right now. 

“When you’ve got a president — let’s be honest — whose favorite two people [are] [North Korean chairman] Kim Jong-un and [Russian president] Vladimir Putin, two mass murderers, and those are his buddies, that tells me something. I mean, c’mon, man. Putin was KGB, threw tens of thousands of people in jail, took all their money, grabbed all the billionaires’ money, took it for himself, and then we find out, what, two days ago that the KGB has hacked into all our own defense. And Trump said nothing, because Putin’s his buddy. 

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“I can’t change the world,” Dokken said. “But I’m just trying to do the best I can. I kind of try to stay away from news and CNN, ’cause I don’t wanna write songs about just what’s going on, ’cause I’ve always done that before, about what’s going on in my life. But the world’s a mess.” Dokken then started to discuss his thoughts on the Pfizer vaccine.

“I do find it ironic that I said something a week before the election, I said, ‘Don’t be surprised if — whoever wins, Trump or Biden — don’t be surprised if, a week after the election, magically they have the vaccine. One week. You don’t think they had that vaccine already on the backburner for months? Because they didn’t want Trump to take the credit. They were, like, ‘Oh, we put the vaccine out,’ Trump is a braggadocio, and that’s the way it goes. They didn’t want Trump to get the credit for doing [White House’s Operation] Warp Speed [initiative], so they just held it all back, and then, as soon as the election is over, ‘Hey, we’ve got a vaccine — two of them.’ That was a total political move. You know damn well Pfizer said, whoever you are, Republican or Democrat, they didn’t want Trump to get the credit, even though he started Warp Speed. He basically opened up the checkbook and said, ‘Any scientist in the world that wants to work on this, get on — everybody.’”

Dokken’s new album is due out in 2021.

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