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Daron Malakian Says New System Of A Down Songs Originally Written For Scars On Broadway

System Of A Down shocked the music world early this morning by releasing two new songs, ‘Protect The Land’ and ‘Genocidal Humanoidz’. The songs were written and surprised released to raise awareness about the conflict in Armenia, according to a statement from the band.

Speaking of the band’s first new music in fifteen years, guitarist Daron Malakian revealed the music was originally intended to be released as part of his Scars On Boradway project, but that he was happy to use the songs for System Of A Down.

Malakian wrote on his Instagram: “I’m very proud to release these two songs under the System banner. The original plan was to release them on future Scars on Broadway albums, but I’m happy we came together as System to make a statement for our people.”

One fan asked Malakian about his decision to reveal he wrote the songs for a separate project to which Malakian responded: “We did the songs as System because of the situation in Artsakh. If that situation didn’t exist they would have ended up on future Scars albums. It’s really strange that it bothers you that I take credit for my work. If you wrote the songs I’m sure you would have liked people to know about your work and contribution. Don’t artists sign their names under their paintings? So I guess in your world every artist who signs his or her name under their paintings are a bunch of ego maniacs.”

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It’s worth noting that Malakian and vocalist Serj Tankian have long feuded over creative control and royalty shares within the band, with both members acknowledging the aforementioned issues as the reason for their delay in new music up until now.

You can listen to the new songs from System Of A Down and purchase them here. All proceeds will go to the Armenia Fund.