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Cynic Is Working On New Music As Well As A Virtual Musical Celebration For Members Who Have Passed

Cynic lost 2 friends and band mates this year. Former drummer Sean Reinert passed away in January from an aortic rupture. Then bass player Sean Malone passed away at the beginning of December.

Yesterday frontman Paul Masvidal took to Instagram to share his feelings and let fans know that new music is coming in 2021 as well as a virtual musical celebration to remember his 2 friends and band mates.

“Having lived through the loss of my two Cynic lifelong musical bandmates/friends in 2020, I’ve become intimate with the energy of grief. One thing in particular is experientially clear to me now:

“We are all living in a kaleidoscopic process of change. A constant flow.

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“Sometimes we shift a little, and blue is dominant, we shift again and pink is dominant. Our identities are like that. There is no free standing self. We are a flow of awareness that rests on the body. We are awareness itself.

“When I first heard the news about Malone‘s death earlier this month, I went from being actively engaged in a creative process to feeling like I was suddenly up to my neck in quicksand. I was unable to play my guitar for weeks, and found myself expending whatever energy I had cleaning and organizing my home. Grief is the most powerful experience; it wipes everything else away.

“Thank you for the support and comfort I’ve received. I’m reminded through your messages, that we’re all in this together and that the Cynic family has endured through a lifetime of kaleidoscopic change. A new record will see the light of day in the new year, along with a plan to organize a virtual musical memorial/celebration of Malone and Reinert.

“I know this has been a turbulent year for everyone. Loving and kind New Years wishes to you all. May you have peace of mind, freedom from fear, may you have everything you need; love, shelter, food, and good health.”

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