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Conspiracy Theorists Think A Guitar Pedal Diagram Is A 5G Chip In Covid Vaccine

There’s a been a diagram being shared on social media by conspiracy theorists that they claim is the blueprint of a 5G chip that will be placed in the Covid-19 vaccines. The only problem is…it’s actually a diagram for internal wiring for the Boss’ Metal Zone guitar pedal.

The diagram has been primarily shared within Italy, but has been branching out to other parts of the world. 

Twitter user Mario Fusco posted: “Here in Italy people started to share this figure claiming that this is the diagram of the 5G chip that has been inserted in the covid vaccine.

“In reality it is the electric circuit of a guitar pedal and I believe that putting it in the covid vaccine has been an excellent idea.”

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More than likely this was the start of a troll trying to be funny, but it has grown into something a lot bigger.