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Chris Jericho Sings ‘Youth Gone Wild’, Sebastian Bach Responds With Angry Texts

Last week a Twitter feud between Sebastian Bach and Chris Jericho erupted, when a fan made an innocent comment about Chris Jericho beginning to look like Sebastian Bach. 

The online feud seemingly ended with Jericho challenging Bach to a sing off, after Bach said that Jericho lip syncs. Well, it didn’t end there.

Jericho recorded a new episode of his show “Saturday Night Special” and at the end, performed a small bit of “Youth Gone Wild” acapella. Once he was done singing he then pointed at his mouth and mouthed “mimimg, miming”.

Sebastian Bach then posted some since deleted tweets, a slew of text messages that he sent to Chris Jericho, saying “Your singing sucks. You should stop singing for the benefit of all mankind”.

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What did you think of Jericho’s rendition of “Youth Gone Wild”?