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Burton C. Bell Says He Hasn’t Spoken To Dino Cazares In “Over 3 Years” And Is Done With Fear Factory

There has been a lot of drama coming out of the Fear Factory camp the last month or so. Last month Burton C. Bell, vocalist for the group, stated on social media that he was done with Fear Factory. This led to a lot of speculation from fans and many questioned if when the new record was done, would it even be Bell’s vocals that we heard?

In a recent interview with Kerrang!, which Bell was doing to promote his new album “Apocrypha” with his band Ascension Of The Watchers, he opened up about his decision on leaving Fear Factory.

“It’s been on my mind for a while. These lawsuits just drained me. The egos. The greed. Not just from band members, but from the attorneys involved. I just lost my love for it. I’ve been working [intensely] on The Watchers for the last two years. Working with people who I can trust and who I love, and with whom I have grown to find a niche musically definitely pushed me towards it. There are a lot of surprises. I’ve had a lot of surprises for the last four years. With Fear Factory, it’s just constantly been like ‘What?!’ You can only take so much. I felt like 30 years was a good run. Those albums I’ve done with Fear Factory will always be out there. I’ll always be part of that. I just felt like it was time to move forward.”

Bell went on to discuss his 31 years with Fear Factory saying, “I’m proud of my legacy. We achieved great things. We made incredible music and left an indelible mark on the music industry and on fans around the globe. We’ve had peaks on top of mountains with our highs and we’ve plumbed the deepest trenches with our lows. There just comes a point where you have to move forward to do more great things with a different band…”

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When he was asked whether or not his vocals would be on the next Fear Factory album, Bell stated, “We recorded and delivered an album in 2017. It was written and demoed in late 2016 with Damien Rainaud. In 2017, we recorded. The artwork was finalized. We designed the new Fear Factory logo, as always. The album was delivered to Nuclear Blast, and accepted. We’ve just been waiting for all of these lawsuits to be over for it to come out. So, yeah, I’m supposed to be on it because I recorded all the songs!”

Dino Cazares has stated that he would leave the door open for Bell to return for a short while, but that it would not stay open forever. Bell was asked if there was any chance of him reconciling with Cazares. “I’m done. I haven’t spoken to Dino in three years. I haven’t spoken to Raymond [Herrera, drums] and Christian [Olde Wolbers, bass] in longer than that, and I have no intention to. I’m just moving forward with my life.”

Guess we will have to wait and see who Dino brings on board moving forward.

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